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Reign Under #1
A brief introduction to the daily life of our lion super hero Benevolence and his mysterious nemesis.
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Cover of the first edition of the first issue of comic Reign Under with the hero Benevolence brooding over a dark city

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Where to buy – Regular edition

Buy the first issue on Indyplanet.

Where to buy – Autographed edition

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Cover of the first issue of comic Reign Under, signed by the creators

Buy an autographed version with signatures from the creators by sending us your e-mail on the form below. We’ll send a PayPal invoice your way.

Base price is $6 plus $8 for shipping, total $14. Prices are in american dollars.

Why is the autographed version more expensive than the one on Indyplanet?

The physical editions we have are ordered from Indyplanet as well. That means we have to add an extra step (and cost) to the editions we have in hand. We have to consider the shipping to us, plus taxes, and also the re-packaging to send it your way.

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